Bish Mubarak is a professional

January 16, 2014
Bish Mubarak is not a newcomer to the deregulated energy industry. He has been working in this field for many years and in a number of different capacities. He understands how the international energy industry works and how to make it work for any venture he is connected with. Bish Mubarak is a professional who understands the importance of integrity and commitment. Honesty, innovation, and commitment to client satisfaction are all keys to success that Bish Mubarak firmly believes in.

Bish Mubarak went to school at the University of Western Ontario. This is a highly respected university in Canada and Bish Mubarak benefited from the high quality education he received there. Soon after graduating with his Bachelor's degree from the University of Western Ontario, Bish Mubarak would found TBG International. He was just twenty-six years old when he founded this company, which soon became a major energy company. In the competitive and recently-deregulated energy industry of Canada, TBG International became a major player. Bish Mubarak today has a wealth of experience working in the energy industry.